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HYT Panerai Replica Watches isn't shy. The brand's creations can be both visually and Panerai Replica Watches technically stunning. Take, for example, a 49mm-tall case that is both wearable and complex in design. It houses a movement that indicates the time, as well as liquid, which is watchmaking's worst enemy. This is not traditional watchmaking. Panerai Replica Watches Vincent Perriard's team has taken their concept to the next level with their latest creation: the HYT Skull. This is the crazy side of one of the most insane brands.Monochrome-Watches has been following HYT since its inception. The 2012 introduction of the HYTH1 (yes, this brand is still a baby) was an Panerai Replica Watches absolute blast. This watch, concept, thing, and horological UFO, came with a world-first, fluid-based mechanism to tell time. After a year, HYT released another watch that was even more crazy. Another striking creation was the HYT H2. We have been using a H1 Red2 to understand these concepts. This review has Panerai Replica Watches confirmed how intelligent and well-designed these watches are. We also tested a H2 for a few weeks. The review will be soon. The brand's focus in 2014 was primarily on production issues, to please customers. HYT only presented new editions H1 and H2. But 2015 is here, and HYT has some really cool new items to present. This is the first, and there are many more!Panerai Replica Watches

We are Omega Replica Watches actually talking about two versions of the new watch. One is a Panerai Replica Watches black DLC Titanium one with green liquid, called Green Eye. The other is a 5N gold and black DLC titanium one with red liquid, called Red Eye. This watch is based upon the H1, but it has many new features. The watch's movement has been given a Panerai Replica Watches Skull-face after it was updated. The original capillary is no longer round, but it shows angles of 45deg and 90deg. This is quite remarkable considering the complicated manufacturing process of the capillary. HYT decided that the minute sub-dial should be removed and that the hour indication via the liquid would be the Panerai Replica Watches main focus. Unlike the HYT H1, which showed parts of its internals at the bottom of its faces, the Skull hides these with a tiny aperture.The eyes do not only show the time, but also a glowing red or green glow. The watch's power reserve is indicated by the right eye. The watch's power reserve is indicated by a series subtly different translucent coloured inserts. As the watch Panerai Replica Watches nears its 65 hour mark, the eye slowly darkens (just like the HYTH1 which shares the same base movement). A barely visible seconds dial rotates continuously behind the left eye. Another update is the case. It has a new design and new finishes. The H1 and H2 are already large at 49mm, but this case is 51mm. case. It could look huge, and only a wrist test will reveal how large it is.Panerai Replica Watches

The swiss replica watches case is therefore larger. The case's shape is slightly different now Panerai Replica Watches that the lugs are integrated into the casebands. The HYT H2 inspired the HYT Skull, which has no bezel. New finishing details include a brushed finish on flat surfaces and Panerai Replica Watches polished beveled angles at the sides of the case/lugs. The crown protection has been removed to make the design cleaner. The case has also received lateral inserts, which allow for multiple combinations.Panerai Replica Watches

MCT Replica Watches launched their first watch in 2008 with the Sequential One S100.Panerai Replica Watches It was an impressive first attempt. MCT's main goal was to create watches that were both interactive Panerai Replica Watchesand exciting, but easy to read at a glance. Four rotating modules with prisms to display the hours. Two is unique in that it displays time in a way that is modern, uncommon and unusual. The MCT Sequential Two S200 is a limited edition black DLC watch with coloured accents.Panerai Replica Watches